What are the advantages of having a website

What are the advantages of having a website

Many times we ask ourselves why have a website in which I must invest time and money when I can use social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube to promote my business, company or even my church? We are going to mention some advantages and considerations that we should observe.

What are the advantages of having a website of your own?

  • Exhibition
    Having our own website gives us local and international exposure 24 / 7,365 days a year. Our visitors can access our content whenever they want from wherever they want. You can find us in the search engines by our name, among others.
  • Image and prestige
    Having our own website gives us a professional and prestigious image in the eyes of our users and peers.
  • Our website, our rules
    One of the most important advantages we have to have our own website is that we as owners or administrators of it have total control of what is exposed. Every part of the content is controlled by us and no one can tell us what we can or can not put. Nobody can place content that we do not approve or without our consent. Our users are not distracted by third-party content or contrary to our positions. Our competitor can not announce your ad in our space. In this way we ensure to have control of the audience effectively.

But in the social network I can expose myself and contribute to my image and prestige

Yes, social networks contribute to our exposure and image but they should not be our only exhibition and image. In social networks, we do not control everything that is shown there. There is advertising and content that we do not support or do not suit us. Users can easily get distracted and get away from our content.

When looking for us in a social network you must first access a site that is not ours, we only have a small space and we are directly supporting, endorsing and sponsoring that site that does not always favor our image. Also at the time of the user do the search by our name, unless it is not a very unique, we run the risk of the user find multiple similar names and choose to go to the one that is not necessarily our space.

How to have the best combination

Based on the above, we understand that it is very important to have our own space, our own website so that it can serve us as a better ally in the network but without neglecting our social networks that are our ally to take users to our website. effective way.

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