Security of your website. Is your website secure?

Security of your website. Is your website secure?

Your website is at risk of being marked as unsafe

Let’s talk about the security of your website. Regardless of the type of website, major browsers will soon begin to show negative security indicators for sites that do not use SSL.

Google, Mozilla and other Internet companies have embarked on a mission to make insecure HTTP a thing of the past.

A substantial part of web traffic has been passed to HTTPS so far, and the use of HTTPS is steadily increasing. We recently reached a milestone with more than half of the loads on the Chrome desktop page that are now distributed over HTTPS. In addition, from the moment we published our HTTPS report in February, 12 2016 of the top 100 websites have changed their default value from HTTP to HTTPS.

Studies show that users do not perceive the lack of a “safe” icon as a warning, but also that users become blind to warnings that occur too frequently. Google said: “Our plan to tag HTTP sites more clearly and accurately as not secure will be carried out in incremental steps, based on increasingly stringent criteria.”

As of January 2017, Chrome 56 will label HTTP pages with password or credit card form fields as “unsafe,” given their particularly sensitive nature.

In the following versions, Google Chrome will continue to extend HTTP warnings, for example, labeling HTTP pages as “unsafe” in Incognito mode, where users may have higher expectations of privacy. Eventually, they plan to label all HTTP pages as unsafe and change the HTTP security indicator to the red triangle they use for broken HTTPS.

The main browsers have started actively telling users that HTTP is not secure and with each update, warnings are becoming more prominent.

Eventually, Google plans to mark all HTTP sites as unsafe as announced in this blog post .

How do I prevent my website from being marked as insecure?

We at Wibxi can facilitate this process. We can manage the security certificate, install it and optimize your website so that it works correctly with your new security certificate. Obtain SSL security certificate .

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